Youthful indiscretion

Published on: December 5th, 2022

There is theory that if you wish something enough it will come true. That does of course depend on what you are dreaming about, but in the context of, passion and desire, there is a good chance that those wishes can become a reality. At least that was what I hoped for during my university years...

All the girls loved Professor 'D' or just 'D' as we liked to call him. And whilst I do actually mean women, I use the word girls because just the sight of him, the sound of his steps as he entered the room could reduce us to something akin to a group of giggling blushing schoolgirls.

Professor 'D' was our ....... tutor. But not just any tutor, he may have been some years older than us, but his finger groomed grey flecked hair, his piercing blue eyes, his strong masculine face and rugby toned frame proved a little too much for me and my peers to overlook. And of course the most important thing…..his voice, his deep soft velvety voice never failed to make the delicate hairs on the nape of my neck stand on end. I was certain that we all enjoyed how far from our reach he was yet we had him so close to us.

End of last year came and tutor time was the perfect excuse to spend time alone with him and I was not going to let the opportunity get by without hinting to him how much I wanted him.

I entered Professor 'D's office and sat in the soft worn leather armchair, facing his desk which was as usual covered with piles of old books, papers, and students submissions. He sat silently for a while, until he had finished writing, and looked up at me with that same look that weakened my legs and blushed my cheeks …as I smiled and tried to think why I had requested his time, he said “we are nearly at the end” as if he was wishing for me to stop pretending I needed help and just confess my incredible desire for him.

I had only ever imagined profesor D’s physicality, but this time I threw myself to him and began kissing him; my heart stopped as his strong arms lifted me so easily and he sat me on his desk , papers and books fell as he rushed to lift my skirt and feel my thighs, no words were being exchanged, encouraged by how hard I felt his body pressed against mine I unzipped his trousers whilst our tongues explore each other’s mouths …. he rushed to unbutton my dress and his hands held my breasts with passion , he leaned and gently kissed my nipples before removing my panties ; he put my legs either side of his and I gasped feeling his broad torso guide his hard …..deep inside me, we had so much passion in our bodies as we moved on that old oak desk with such an intense desire and urgency until we exploded in the heat of mutual satisfaction....

Of course the reality is that this was just a dream and my encounter with Professor 'D' has remained solely in my imagination...

...or did it really happen?!

Yours always , C xx

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