Sexy Kitten or Glamour Girl

Published on: June 10th, 2022

HI my lovely fans hope you are all ok enjoying life and staying safe.

Words that conjure up Hollywood Movie Stars, Lovely Gowns and immaculate hair and make-up. Glamour Girl is simply a woman who has a natural attractiveness that is irresistible to men (sounds like me)

The type that stands out from the crowd without trying. Guys love talking to them, Hotties are very jealous of them because no matter how much pouting they do they cannot match the attractive pull of the Glamour Girl.

The Sexy Kitten is the one that stirs up a sexual desire that is hard to resist; If you have it embrace it!

We know the power that lingerie can have over men, and I like to wear it for my own pleasure as well. A lot of the reasons why this is the case has to do with what lingerie does to our bodies to make it so sexually stimulating to you lovely men.

My favourite sexy bra or bustier will lift my breasts emphasising symmetrical cleavage that aims to speak to the sexual senses of a man. A perfect pair of lace underwear will accentuate the curves of a perky bottom and make him wish he was grabbing it as soon as he catches a glimpse of you. Glamorous and Sexy expresses your sexuality strongly and powerfully. The best example has to be Marilyn Monroe the epitome of Glamour that oozed Sexuality.

Unlike women, most men are predominantly visual creatures and are stimulated by the sight of beautiful images. For instance, a woman in a well fitted dress, sexy, black stockings, and 5 inch heels will quite literally drive some men sexually insane. Glamour Girls and Sex Kittens are people that have that irresistible je ne sais quoi , they own their individual style that makes them more attractive and interesting. You can never be too Glamorous or too sexy and I love being both.

Carmen I am sexy and I know it and I want you to know it too. Always a pleasure xx

Carmen Cortez

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