Oysters and Pearls

Published on: June 27th, 2022

Hello everyone, I hope everything is good in your life.

Oysters, the food of love and lust. They can of course divide opinion, whereas I am sure you will always find me to your taste.

The word oyster comes from the Latinisation of the Ancient Greek word Ostrea; the shell where Aphrodite the goddess of love emerged, and like the Goddess, oysters have been associated with passion and desire.
Some studies have shown that oysters contain particular chemicals which can arouse feelings of intense sexuality, that along with the sexual act of swallowing whole the wet and slippery content of the shell, can evoke overwhelming feelings of desire; the desire for passion, the desire to feel each other, and as per the act of eating the oysters, the desire to taste each other.And of course I forgot to mention, oysters fall into the category of aphrodisiacs, a word I am sure you will agree also applies to me.

So when you are next in the mood for oysters, something I am always happy to experience, remember me and the feelings which both I and the oysters will definitely arouse in you.

Always a pleasure,
Carmen xx

Carmen Cortez

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