Mr X

Published on: August 19th, 2022

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.
Whilst my previous blogs provide you with a glimpse of my desires, my passions and an opportunity to play out my fantasies, I find myself compelled to share a recent encounter with my dashing Mr X…

Despite having met Mr X before, I was excited at the opportunity to get to know him better and his arrival at my door didn’t disappoint. He did of course arrive on time, and once again I was reminded of his tall, elegant and sophisticated manner. And as if that wasn’t enough, to both my surprise and my delight he kindly gifted me my favourite bottle of champagne and a very mischievous toy!

With a strong but gentle hand, my chivalrous Mr X led me to the sofa and I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster as I noticed how his commanding frame felt so powerful as he sat close enough for my legs to brush gently against his strong outstretched arm. The conversation flowed and as the bubbles of the champagne worked their magic, I noticed Mr X’s interest in my silk seamed stockings which only served to arouse his desire. My thoughts turned to the promises of what laid ahead and I smiled knowingly as I placed my hand on his knee and delicately unbuttoned and removed his crisp white shirt. I felt a strong desire to explore his body, and whilst I knew he was enjoying the touch of my curious hands and lips it was obvious that it was time for us to move things on and he suggested we take our passions to the bedroom. The dimmed lights, the soft music were the perfect setting to immerse in the depths of our desires so we began to savour each other’s lips whilst our hands took charge of touching each other’s bodies. With little control my mouth tasted the heat of his body, encouraged not only my own needs but the expressive sounds of Mr X taking pleasure from my roaming lips.As I took a breath,

Mr X lay back on the bed and I seductively removed my dress. I could see in both his eyes and his proud hardness that my beautiful black lace lingerie which so delicately held my body, were exactly what he had hoped for.My wish to satisfy him intensified and I showed my gratitude for Mr X’s generosity by playing gently with my new sensual toy, enjoying both its touch and the effect it was having on Mr X until we could each no longer resist the urge to fully embrace and entangle our wanting bodies. I fell into his arms and let the passionate Mr X to take the lead. I welcomed him into the heat of my body, and with racing hearts, and loud expressions of our desires we moved as one until our bodies exploded with satisfaction.

Until next time.Yours always Carmen xx

Carmen Cortez

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