Luscious Lips

Published on: July 6th, 2022

Hi my lovely gentlemen I hope all is well with you and stay safe.

Like most women, lipstick is one of my favourite ways of playing with my appearance, expressing my sensuality, provoking an emotion, a reaction and a passion in whoever is lucky enough to be in my company 😉

When it comes to lipstick, nothing accentuates my full natural lips and long lustrous jet black hair than a deep bold red colour. And whilst red may be the obvious colour choice for a woman who wants to invite fire, passion and desire into her life, it is the sensual associations which lead me to grab the attention of a red blooded man…

The evening starts with champagne and plump peppered strawberries, a perfect match for my red lips with the spiced fruit and bubbly champagne adding a dose of mischief and playfulness to our time together. As the evening turns to night, the dark accentuates my satin red lips and tips you to the sensuality which led me to wear that colour not only for you but for the emotion it stirs within me. And inevitably, once those emotions have built a desire within both of us, I invite you to taste the fullness of my lips, explore my mouth, and in time, for us to explore each other’s desires, deep into the night...

And that is why I so love to wear my red lipstick and why I hope you will so love me to wear it too…

Yours truly,

Carmen x

Carmen Cortez

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