Lace and Silk

Published on: July 23rd, 2022

Hello, I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

You may have noticed from my previous blogs that I love the act of dressing up because it provides me with the opportunity to have fun, to express my intentions, to set the scene and ultimately to satisfy your desires. And whilst I would love to tease you with the mystery of what lies beneath a beautiful dress, there is nothing better than greeting you with a sensual gift wrapping of lace lingerie to lift your spirit the moment you walk through my door….

I adore a beautiful stocking and suspenders set, which you’ll see from my photos I love to wear, there are so many options these days, allowing me to express my mood and to set the scene in preparation for our date…

When I am in the mood for romance, nothing makes me feel more feminine, more sensual, more giving than the luxurious feel of intricate lace or soft satin silk.

I am very fond of the sensual touch of silk against my body, like a delicate shower of rose petals, seductively blurring the lines between my smooth perfumed skin and the exquisite fabrics...The gossamer like feel of silky stockings softly stroking me as the trimming reaches to sit gently at the top of my thighs, held only in place by the elegant clips of the suspenders...The gracefulness of a lace lingerie set or a finely detailed corset, that seductively accentuate the gentle curves of my body to create my gift to you...As you arrive, I am taken over by an overwhelming need to feel your warm moist breath against my skin and your butterfly kisses as you gently remove my lingerie and caress the full extent of the gift that lies beneath...

…So come let me dress up for you and let’s see where my lingerie and the romance of the evening takes us…

Carmen Cortez

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